LOGO-MAIN-300x93We are a nine year old healthcare company specializing in telemedicine and telehealth programs. We are seeking part-time or full-time MD’s and OD’s IN ALL STATES,  Continue reading

IRS Rules on Health Reform Excise Tax May Lead to Rethink of Group Plan Design

etMany employers are likely to redesign the fastest growing group health plan design — high-deductible plans linked to health savings accounts — in the wake of forthcoming Internal Revenue Service regulations.

Those rules will deal with one of the last areas of the 2010 health care reform law to take effect: the “Cadillac” tax that will impose a 40% excise tax on group health plan premiums that exceed $10,200 for single coverage and $27,500 for Continue reading

Supreme Court Divided over Health Care Reform Challenge

usc2The U.S. Supreme Court appeared divided on ideological lines on Wednesday as it heard a second major challenge to President Barack Obama’s health care law targeting tax subsidies intended to help people afford insurance, with Justice Anthony Kennedy appearing to be the possible swing vote in a decision. Continue reading

Sayer Ji, GreenMedInfo Founder, Appointed to the National Health Federation Board of Governors

025_25(1)Scott Tips, JD, President of NHF and Sayer Ji, founder of Greenmedinfo

It is with great humility and a sense of incredible honor I wish to share with each of my GreenMedInfo family my appointment and acceptance to  Continue reading

What Pheromones Reveal About Your Love Life


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Pheromones are chemical signals that influence the behavior or physiology of other members of the same species

Subtle odors may influence mood, hormone levels, perceptions of attractiveness, timing of a woman’s menstrual cycle, Continue reading

Global Health Problems Reflect Our Disconnection from the Earth

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The film “Origins” shows how our modern lifestyle has caused us to lose our connection with the earth, resulting in so many of our global problems from environmental destruction to hunger and disease Continue reading

Health Reform Law’s Fate Hinges on Interpretation of a Few Words

imagesPIF691RMThe Supreme Court will hear arguments Wednesday over whether millions of people covered by the nation’s health care law can legally continue to get financial help to pay for their insurance. If the court says no, millions of consumers across more than 30 states could lose federal subsidies for their premiums. Continue reading

‘Cadillac’ Tax Could Diminish Union Health Plans

imagesVRT50MYSHealth plans obtained through union collective bargaining agreements often include much more generous benefits than other employer-sponsored plans. But such benefits are likely to be pared down as the Affordable Care Act’s excise tax nears,  Continue reading

Color Purple Boosts Sex and Imagination

purplePurple is the most amorous color, according to a new study, which found that people who decorate their bedrooms in the color have the most active sex lives. A survey of 2,000 British adults by retailer Littlewoods found that those with purple bedding or furniture had 3.49 “intimate encounters” per week. Those with grey rooms can expect to have less sex than everyone else  Continue reading

A High-Fiber Diet Helps Boost Weight Loss


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Many do not get enough fiber, which may be another key component for effective weight loss. Ideally, you’ll want to get around 30 grams of fiber per day

 Prediabetics who ate 30 grams of fiber per day lost Continue reading

Toxic Industrial Standards Are No Longer Invincible

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On January 24, a statement signed by 300 scientists, researchers, physicians, and scholars asserts that there is no scientific consensus on the safety of GMOs

The paper states that the claim of scientific consensus on Continue reading

Opioid Painkillers Emerging as Safety Threat for Elderly

opiThe use of opioid painkillers is a burgeoning safety issue confronting elderly adults, a National Safety Council study finds.

Released Thursday, “Psychological and Physical Side Effects of Pain Medications” states that risk of death and unintentional injury  Continue reading

The Toxic Terrain of the Airplane: 4 Steps to Traveling Clean

air_travel_healthPerhaps one of the biggest, unrecognized sources of toxicity is travel. But the good news is there are some simple things you can do to prevent harm.

Last August, I had the enlightening experience of interviewing 30 experts on toxicity as part of the Detox Summit Continue reading