Study: Telemedicine App Eases Symptoms for COPD Patients

lungsPatients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease who used a telemedicine application to report daily symptoms to a provider experienced improved health benefits, according to a study published in the journal Telemedicine and e-Health, Health Data Management reports (Slabodkin, Health Data Management, 9/2). Continue reading

Why Are Doctors Skipping Chronic Care Reimbursement?

reimWhen the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services unveiled CPT code 99490 this past year, it was hailed as a first step in reimbursing providers for the use of telemedicine in chronic care management.

But are they taking advantage of this code? Continue reading

USDA Soil Scientist Reveals Simple Tips for Improving Soil Health

soilhealthStory at-a-glance −

The Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), which is part of the USDA, has become very committed to understanding and teaching about natural soil health and regenerative agriculture Continue reading

90% U.S. Corn Crop GMO

cornWith nearly 90% of U.S. corn crop GMO, companies are now having to import non-GMO corn to keep up with demand

Obtaining high-quality, chemical-free food that’s actually grown in the U.S. — not just sold here — remains a challenge, Continue reading

10 Best Cancer Killing Phytonutrients To Eat

10_best_cancer_fighting_foodsThirty years of research reveals 10 of the best food phytonutrients to ingest to protect against and even treat the root cause of most cancers. 

A new medical model is fast emerging in line with ancient wisdom: one that aims to strike to the root cause of disease and resolve it permanently, and which some call Continue reading

Pediatric Telemedicine Comes to South Georgia

kiiPediatric services have expanded in South Georgia thanks to a partnership between Children’s Hospital Navicent Health in Macon and Tift Regional Medical Center.

“We do send so many patients from Continue reading

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota to Cover some Video Visits Via Doctor on Demand

Doctor-On-Demand-300x240Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota has brought on San Francisco-based Doctor on Demand as the health insurer’s new preferred telehealth provider. Starting in 2016, members of some BCBS plans will pay a reduced rate or no rate for Doctor on Demand’s no-subscription video visit platform.

Additionally, Continue reading

One Foot in the Grave when I Found Dr. Sircus

oneThis is one of the most outstanding testimonies I have ever received, about the ability of the Natural Allopathic Medicine protocol to bring someone at the edge of life back to vitality:

“A few days after my 60th birthday, Continue reading

Friendship Fights Depression, Researchers Find

recoveryStory at-a-glance −

Study refutes earlier claims that depression is “contagious,” finding instead that only positive moods tend to spread among people in close association Continue reading

Fracking Creates Massive Radiation Waste Problem

radioactive_waste_fracking_jopgThe EPA openly acknowledges that fracking fluid contains “thousands of chemicals,” but nowhere is there mention of radioactivity in its risk assessments. Now, a new study reveals the “natural gas” industry may be hiding a secret as dark and deadly as the one the nuclear industry has been trying to conceal for decades. 

With recent news that California’s fracking industry will be “repurposing” its toxic wastewater to meet the needs of an agricultural industry driven desperate by the drought, a timely new study published in Environmental Health Perspectives reveals fracking wastewater is not just a source of Continue reading

Vermont Is 50th State To Legalize E-Rx of Controlled Substances

myyOn Friday, Vermont became the last state to legalize electronic prescribing of controlled substances, MedCity News reports (Versel, MedCity News, 8/28).


In 2010, the Drug Enforcement Administration passed an Continue reading

Hospital System’s Insurance Company Posts Massive Growth

dolRevenue within the health insurance division of North Shore-LIJ Health System tripled in the past year, and the Great Neck, N.Y.-based organization has no intentions of slowing down investment in its payer operations.

North Shore-LIJ launched its commercial health plan, Continue reading

Dementia now Striking People in their 40s as Mercury from Vaccines Causes Slow, Degenerative Brain Damage

vvDementia and other neurological brain diseases are striking people younger and younger, according to a new study conducted by researchers from Bournemouth University in England and published in the journal Surgical Neurology International. These diseases have reached levels that are “almost epidemic,” the researchers said, Continue reading

Global Warming that Never Was this Summer

coldExceptional’ cold front blankets Montana, Wyoming peaks with rare July snow, reads the headline in the Washington Post. We even had the first freezing temperature ever recorded for the month of August in Casper Wyoming. Yet from the federal government we hear that Continue reading

Why Touching Receipts Can Harm Your Health

thermal_printer_paper_receiptsKeeping your receipts may make good financial sense, but it can seriously harm your health. 

If you are like me, you hesitate at the checkout counter whenever the cashier asks you “would you like your receipt”? If your inner accountant is alive and well, Continue reading