Telemedicine is Coming Home

Families across America needing a Doctor at Three O’clock in the morning will simply call, or go on-line and initiate an instant video conversation with a US Tele-Family Connect physician

National telehealth leader US Tele-Medicine announced today the launch of their US Tele-Family Connect program providing 24/7 Telemedicine is coming home to the families and dependents of corporate employees. Families across America needing a Doctor at Three O’clock in the morning will simply call, or go on-line and initiate an instant video conversation with a US Tele-Family Connect physician, 24 hours a day, from any location.

“While we have been concentrating on providing employees with instant connectivity to physicians from places of work, which does in fact increase production and saves precious financial resources for any entity, the families of these very same employees have not enjoyed instant medical access and its cost saving measures,” said Jacques von Speyer, CEO and Chairman of US Tele-Medicine. “The US Tele-Family Connect program expands the user base of US Tele-Medicine’s revolutionary approach to healthcare, by providing families and dependents with immediate access to our 24/7 Tele-Triage platform.”

Telemedicine platforms adopted at the corporate level have demonstrated immediate efficiencies in cost savings, cost avoidance, and improved clinical outcomes. Given the lack of Primary Physicians and the closing of over 500 Emergency Rooms nationwide in the past 10 years, telemedicine connectivity becomes the singular most viable solution to providing universal access to medical care and to equalizing the ever increasing and unsustainable rise in health care costs.

“Many corporate employees have told me that while they are comforted by the presence of the US Tele-Medicine Kiosk on site at their place of work, they feel somewhat uncomfortable, even guilty, that their families are not similarly protected,” said Gideon Ilumin, Executive Vice President of US Tele-Medicine and Chief of the Business Unit. “We are particularly thrilled those corporate employees can now rest well, knowing the US Tele-Family Connect program is there to help their loved ones immediately, at any time, for any medical reason, from any location in the world.”

US Tele-Medicine services major US employers in all states by installing revolutionary FDA approved and HIPAA compliant desktop Telehealth Kiosks at all places of work for employees. Individuals suffering any number of symptoms, or afflicted with disease management issues and needing a physician, initiates a video conversation immediately with a Medical Doctor, 24/7, and if required, instant measurement of vital signs are transmitted to the doctor’s screen, for increased diagnostic capabilities. US Tele-Medicine’s HIPAA Compliant EHR system records the entire session for future reference.

“Our success is based on a new paradigm of health care services and the irrefutable logic of providing instant accessibility, in a less expensive setting than a doctor’s office or an emergency room.” von Speyer said. “Our programs drastically reduce health care cost outlays for our corporate clients, so why not extend that framework of delivery, and cost containment to the families of our client’s employees? They too deserve that comfortable feeling of security, specifically if there are children or taking care of elderly adults. In actuality, as in the work place, immediate accessibility to a Doctor when you need the care is a precious commodity for any family and because it is telemedicine, the cost is about one fifth of what you would expect to pay for similar services at a Doctor’s office or Clinic.”

US Tele-Medicine’s medical staff and are trained in new medical techniques using all channels of communications and health informatics, as a support mechanism for providing quality, appropriate, and constructive care in treating symptoms of family, primary, disease management and urgent care issues.

US Tele-Family Connect[/] program is now available for immediate implementation throughout the United States, with care provided 24/7 for company employees and their dependents. The revolution that is US Tele-Medicine is coming home.

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