Create a Safe Kitchen in a Non-Gluten-Free Home to Avoid Getting Sick

gluBeing gluten-free means more than just purchasing gluten-free ingredients and prepared meals. People, who live a gluten-free lifestyle, unless they live alone, are preparing their meals in a non-gluten-free environment. These people may experience symptoms that they thought they left behind when they switched to a gluten-free diet. The reason for these health concerns may be cross-contamination at home.

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Analysis Finds Flu Vaccine Efficacy Lacking, as Flu Vaccines are Suspended across Europe and Canada

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  • A recent review found that flu vaccines may not offer protection as previously thought. The elderly, in particular, do not appear to receive measureable value from the flu shot. Trivalent inactivated influenza vaccines also didn’t offer much protection to children over the age of seven Continue reading