Overprescribed Antibiotics Lead to Incurable Gonorrhea

Big Pharma foul-up creates super disease

Let’s face it — we couldn’t possibly have a discussion on overprescribed medications without mentioning Big Pharma’s billion-dollar cash cow, antibiotics.

As I’ve told you before, some mainstream doctors write so many prescriptions for antibiotics that they probably go home with hand cramps every night. Antibiotics are even being prescribed for viral infections such as colds, even though they can’t do a darned thing to help.

We’ve been warning you for years that all this overprescribing could lead to the development of antibiotic-resistant super diseases, and it looks like the other shoe has finally dropped.

According to new research by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, gonorrhea has now become resistant to the only antibiotic known to treat it.

That’s right — Big Pharma kept shoving antibiotics down our throats for everything from sniffles to coughs, and in the process created a dangerous, potentially incurable disease.

With an estimated 700,000 men and women contracting this STD every year, an awful lot of people will be affected by this Big Pharma foul-up. But the much bigger issue — the one bound to touch your life or the life of someone you love — is that other diseases, possibly life-threatening ones, are likely developing antibiotic resistance as we speak.

Gonorrhea is really just a canary in the coal mine.

Let’s all work together to get off this crazy train — the next time a doctor wants to prescribe you an antibiotic, ask a question that more Americans should be asking: “Do I really need this?”

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