The Foods That Can Fight Aging

Aging populations have spent lifetimes searching for the fountain of youth. Unfortunately, no such fountain seems to exist. There are, however, droplets of youth. By combining enough of these droplets together, you may not find the fountain you’ve been seeking, but you can still refresh yourself with a splash of youthful vigor.

The war on aging is well publicized, and it can be a tough battle. There are expensive treatments, like botox, costly gym memberships, and, of course most importantly, there’s the high cost of medical treatment to deal with many of the health issues associated with an aging body. But there is a way to combat these realities in a natural way: the foods we eat. By simply trying to increase the number of healthy foods we consume, we can fight the effects of aging from the inside out!

Blueberries possess antioxidants that have been found to contain anti-bacterial and anti-viral agents to help fight infection and boost the immune system. In addition, recent research has found that a diet featuring multiple servings per week of blueberries can improve the heart health of women.

Often referred to as a “superfood,” blueberries have also been shown to improve cognition in rodents. Therefore, if the same results are found in humans, the berry may help with memory, reasoning, attentiveness, and a number of other cognitive issues facing an aging population.

Dark chocolate is another food that has anti-aging properties. It contains antioxidants and flavonoids that work in unison to help dilate blood vessels, which can improve blood flow. This can ultimately protect against cardiovascular disease. Furthermore, cacao has been found to have an impact on satiety (feeling full), mood, and cognitive function. It’s also been classified as an aphrodisiac, which can lead to a little exercise!

When eating dark chocolate, it’s important to remember the 70% rule. You’ll want to stay away from sugary, processed chocolate and stick to chocolate that is at least 70% pure cacao. You can also purchase 100% cacao and sprinkle it on berries or mix it with coconut oil. It’s quite bitter, so I recommend adding it to something a little sweeter.

Broccoli has been found to decrease the risk of certain types of cancer, while also possibly undoing damage caused by diabetes. So far, it is unclear exactly how the cruciferous vegetable produces these results, but data show that it improved the condition in sufferers of both diseases. It is rich in the potent antioxidant called “sulforaphane,” which works against carcinogens in the body. To get the most benefits from broccoli, it is best to slightly steam it. Eating it three or four times a month should help, but it’s wise to avoid eating it too often (multiple times a day/week), because it can create digestive problems.

Fatty foods can also be some of the best when it comes to battling age. Foods high in certain types of fat-polyunsaturated (like omega-3s) and monounsaturated fats-are some of the most beneficial to the human diet. Fish like tuna, halibut, and salmon are high in omega-3s and contain inflammatory cytokines that can help with a number of diseases and irritating health issues. They have been found to help with joint pain and most inflammatory diseases.

Avocados and almonds have been shown to have health benefits for cancer patients and diabetics, respectively. They have been shown to lower cholesterol and blood pressure, while limiting insulin spikes when consumed with carbohydrates (sugary foods). In addition, avocado also provides the skin with a youthful glow!

To improve your heath and stop the degenerative effects of aging, try including some of these foods in your diet.

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