Mobile Health Unlikely to Face Much Regulatory Scrutiny, Lawyer Says

An iPhone product to calculate body fat is tested at the “Medica World Forum for Medicine.”

As health care increasingly goes mobile, technology developers and investors fear that the regulatory agencies that often keep new products in limbo for long periods will slow the march of progress, as government officials decide how and whether Continue reading

How Whole Body Vibration Exercises Can Help Improve Fitness in the Elderly

Story at-a-glance

  • Research suggests Whole Body Vibration (WBV) training can stimulate muscle growth and improve overall fitness in the elderly. Previous studies have also demonstrated Continue reading

Supercapacitor Could Charge Up to 1000 Times Faster than Typical Batteries

Batteries have been getting a good deal of attention lately, thanks to the much-publicized Dreamliner problems and the possibility that lithium-ion batteries played a role in them. The Dreamliner’s troubles have spurred renewed interest in supercapacitors, which, like batteries, can store an electrical charge but can be charged or discharged much more quickly. Continue reading

Could Eating More Fat Save Your Life?

We’re always hearing how we should eat less fat-cut the fat here, get the lean cut, buy the non-fat version. Most of the time, this is great information. The problem, however, is that cutting out the wrong fats can do more harm than good.

A study by Harvard University and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that a lack of omega-3 fat in a person’s diet can have devastating health effects. In fact, the results were so profound that Continue reading

Food Fraud Creating Dangerous Allergy Risks

Supermarket surprise could leave you sick and angry

You know that old saying that truth is stranger than fiction? Well it turns out that the ingredient labels on some of our favorite foods may be pure fiction — and the strange truth is going to leave you furious. Continue reading