The Seven-Cent Cure for High Cholesterol

niacinA new report from the Orthomolecular Medicine News Service (OMNS), a top research group, claims that niacin — and not dangerous statins — is by far the most effective and affordable cure for keeping your nagging high cholesterol in check.

Niacin — a form of vitamin B3 — has been studied in more than 42,000 scientific papers, and it’s produced results time and again that leave Big Pharma cholesterol remedies in the dust. Even better, you can add niacin supplements to your daily routine for less than a dime a pill.

In one study published in the Journal of American College of Cardiology, niacin boosted HDL cholesterol (that’s the good kind) by up to 35 percent while slashing triglycerides in half!

Even better, the folks in this study — who were all heart attack patients — dramatically reduced their risk of suffering more heart attacks and strokes just by supplementing with niacin.

In fact, OMNS says the only reason mainstream medicine keeps prescribing statins over niacin is that niacin doesn’t have an army of slick salesman and round-the-clock television commercials and celebrity endorsements to sing its praises.

Statins produce billions in Big Pharma profits every year, but they could be costing you a lot more than just your heard-earned cash. About 20 percent of statin users quit the drugs because they can’t handle the laundry list of potential side effects, including muscle pain, liver damage, skyrocketing blood sugar, and diarrhea.

(In fact, earlier this month, I revealed yet one more frightening statin side effect to add to the growing list. If you missed that important e-Tip get caught up by clicking here.)

On the other hand, the most common side effect of niacin is a harmless, temporary flushing of the skin — and you may never experience it.

We’ve been telling you about the benefits of niacin for years. Dr. Wright has even pointed out that a lack of the vitamin can lead to dementia and other forms of cognitive decline.

Big Pharma may want to keep you from ever knowing about the amazing health benefits of niacin — but now they’re no secret to you. If you’re struggling with high cholesterol, or are looking to keep your ticker in tip-top shape, talk to your doctor about whether supplementing with niacin is right for you.

I have a feeling it could be the best seven cents you ever spend.

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