Value of Zinc and Chromium

chroKeeping your blood sugar under control is no picnic — in fact, if you’ve been dealing with type 2 diabetes, I’m guessing your favorite picnic foods have been off the menu for some time.

The fact is, diabetes is more than a mealtime nuisance. It’s a deadly wrecking ball that unleashes oxidative stress on your heart and other major organs, often causing permanent and lethal damage. According to the American Diabetes Association, two out of three diabetic patients eventually die of heart disease or stroke.

If you’re worried about the damage diabetes is doing to your body right now — and you should be — a new study out of Maryland is going to be sweet music to your ears. That’s because researchers say they have discovered two powerful supplements that could slash the damage diabetes is causing to your organs by a whopping 18%.

Here’s the deal. A research team led by Dr. Richard Anderson of the Beltsville Human Nutrition Research Center offered zinc and chromium supplements — and a combination of the two — to a group of patients suffering from type 2 diabetes.

What they found was nothing short of amazing. Zinc and chromium worked like powerful shields protecting your vital organs from the oxidative stress caused by diabetes. Patients who took either zinc or chromium saw their TBARS levels (that’s a major indicator of oxidative stress) decrease by 13.6%.

But when zinc and chromium were used together levels dropped an impressive 18%! That could mean 18% less damage to your heart… your brain… your arteries… and every other part of your body you’d like to keep intact as you age.

Of course, Dr. Wright has been preaching the value of zinc and chromium for years. A quality multivitamin may offer all the daily zinc and chromium you need, but some foods high in chromium include mushrooms, brewer’s yeast, and eggs. For a boost of zinc, give oysters or dark chocolate a try.

If you’re struggling to control your blood sugar, eating better may not be enough. Incorporate zinc and chromium into your daily regimen, and you could build a fortress around your organs that keeps them free from oxidative stress caused by diabetes.

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