one walnutAn exciting new study out of Penn State  shows that one delicious nut may help you crunch your way to lower cholesterol and a healthier heart.

And here’s the best part — this noble nut is jam-packed with heart-protecting fatty acids that go to work protecting your ticker in MINUTES, not days! Here’s the scoop. Researchers at Penn State asked 15 overweight adults with high cholesterol to add tasty walnuts to their daily diet. They could eat whole nuts, just the meat of the nuts, or down a small helping of walnut oil, which you can buy for a few cents a day at any health food store.

The results, friend, weren’t just amazing — they’ve turned me into a certified nut job!

Researchers began testing the heart and blood vessel health of their subjects just 30 minutes after they consumed walnuts, and it’s a good thing — because this miracle nut goes to work FAST.

Just taking one teaspoon of walnut oil after a meal was all it took to improve blood vessel integrity, which is absolutely critical if you’re suffering from cardiovascular disease. Folks who ate whole walnuts saw an extra benefit, too — the fatty acids in walnuts actually helped their bodies remove excess cholesterol.

That means less sticky gunk clogging up your arteries, just waiting to cause a heart attack or leave you with a long and painful zipper scar down your chest.

I’m hoping walnuts are already part of your daily diet. We’ve been singing the praises of this powerful nut, loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, for years. And if you’re not a big fan of walnuts, never fear. You don’t need to choke down hundreds a day to protect your heart — just nine walnuts a day or one teaspoon of walnut oil was all it took for research subjects to realize powerful, heart-building benefits.

Start working walnuts onto your daily menu, and your next cholesterol test could be a breeze. Your doctor won’t just be impressed — he may actually go nuts!

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