Infographic: Organic vs. Conventional Foods

ovnHere is an excellent Inforgraphic showing the parallels in foods that are Organic and those that are either GM (Genetically Modified) or Conventional (use of pesticides and other harmful components of our food supply).  While the differences between organic foods and conventionally grown foods may not seem big, there can be some noticeable ecological and visual differences between the two. The biggest differences would be the use of pesticides and other types of chemicals in conventionally grown food, which is not allowed in order for a food to be considered organic. Because of this, particular foods (especially those where the skin is eaten or there is no skin) are much better off when eaten organically. Both types must still be washed thoroughly before being eaten, but the types of substances that are being rinsed off are quite different. Although organic may seem more expensive, it is still cost-effective to eat organicallyOrganic Foods vs. GMO's

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