Health Systems Embrace Population Health Improvement Partnerships

dealHospitals and health systems across the country are teaming up with different community organizations to help improve their populations’ general health, according to a report by the Association for Community Health Improvement.

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OCR not fully enforcing HIPAA

boxingglovesThe Office for Civil Rights, the agency that enforces privacy provisions of HIPAA, has not fully enforced the law’s requirements, according to a report from the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services Office of Inspector General.

OCR has not conducted the required audits of covered Continue reading

Forbidden Healing: That Thing about Oxygen…

oxyDid Paleo man get more oxygen?

In the absence of precise data, it is difficult to assess our evolutionary heritage or detail the conditions ancient humans were once adapted to.  We were there!  Your DNA was surely there, but down through the generations we just forgot.  Given that our atmosphere is now lower in oxygen than during Continue reading