Hospitals Seek Leaders with Finance–not Healthcare–Experience

buisWith the healthcare landscape shifting quickly, hospitals have a new strategy for hiring leaders as well. A whopping two-thirds of hospital CEOs hired in 2014 will come from a non-healthcare background, according to a Black Book Rankings poll of more than 1,400 human resource professionals at healthcare organizations.

The trend has developed in Continue reading

Louisiana Expands Telemedicine for Inmate Care

digital-doctor3Louisiana is expanding its use of telemedicine to treat inmates in an attempt to improve care while facing budget challenges.

The LSU Earl K. Long Medical Center in Baton Rouge, where many state inmates had been sent for care, closed in April as the state turned operation of Continue reading

Pine Cone Seeds Known as Pine Nuts

Cedar nutDid You Know…

that a simple seed used since Paleolithic times has astounding health benefits for weight loss, heart health, vision, and anti-aging?      Most modern people don’t recognize the seeds of pine cones as a superfood, but our Paleolithic ancestors certainly may have—they relied on these seeds Continue reading

Spearmint and Rosemary Could Roll Back Years on your Brain’s Odometer

spearmintOur bodies may have their own internal clocks — but our brains sure like to hit the snooze button.

You know what I’m talking about. When your alarm goes off at 6 a.m. and your brain is so foggy and slow you couldn’t win a spelling bee with a dictionary. On those days it takes an hour and two cups of coffee before you can Continue reading

The HPV Vaccine Debate: Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

hpvKatie Couric opened up a Pandora’s box of sorts simply by airing testimony about the HPV vaccine’s lack of effectiveness and safety, but shouldn’t she be commended for asking questions the mainstream media is afraid to touch? We live in a time when simply questioning the safety and effectiveness of vaccines has become, Continue reading