Telemedicine Coming to Samaritan Healthcare

samaSamaritan Healthcare will be adding some telemedicine services in 2014.

Telemedicine involves consulting physicians working with the hospital, local doctors and patients via video conference and computers. Dr. Jim Irwin, Continue reading

ObamaCare, Doctor Shortage To Spur $2 Billion Telehealth Market

dsA new report from information and analytics firm IHS says the business of telehealth, or remote patient monitoring, will boom to a $2 billion US market thanks in part to the Affordable Care Act and a looming doctor shortage.

The business of treating patients via telehealth in the U.S. will dramatically increase to nearly Continue reading

Antibiotic Era Ending – Antimicrobial Pecan Shell Extract Can Prevent Listeria Contamination in Organic Meats

pecanStats prove that consumers are becoming more concerned about the quality of their meat. In the organic food industry, meat, fish and poultry are the fastest growing sector. Sales for organic meat were up 13% from 2010. On a global scale, organic food sales have increased more than 5 billion per year, with organic meat leading the way. Continue reading

Methylwho? Why You Should Know About Methylation

methylI was giving a lecture to a group of psychiatric fellows recently, and I got to my slide on folate.  I get excited about this topic, and so I rambled on about the one-carbon cycle, and SAMe, methylcobalamin, and the MTHFR mutation.  As I looked away from my slides, I could see the vacant stares from the near-audience and knew I had lost them.  If highly educated and Continue reading

Frankincense Superior to Chemotherapy in Killing Late-Stage Ovarian Cancer Cells

FrankincenseLike the Magi, carrying myrrh, frankincense, and gold, researchers from the University of Leicester have, for the first time, demonstrated the potential of treating ovarian cancer using the Christmas gift frankincense.

The origins of frankincense can be traced to the Arabian Peninsula. According to Herodotus Continue reading