EHRs, Other Health IT Key To Successful ACOs, Study Finds

hhhhhhHealth information technology is a key factor in establishing a successful accountable care organization, particularly those created by academic medical centers, according to a study published in the journal Academic Medicine, Health Data Management reports. Continue reading

Online Doctor Visits Popular with Insurers

insurersWellness insurers want you to see the physician, just not in an workplace or hospital.To reduce health-related charges and diagnose minor ailments, WellPoint and Aetna, among other well being insurers, are letting millions of sufferers get seen online very…

Wellness insurers want you to see the physician, Continue reading

7 Ways Probiotics DETOXIFY Your Body

detoxify_your_healthYou’ve probably heard the buzz already about the many health benefits of probiotics, a word which literally translates to: pro- “for” + biotics “life” — FOR LIFE.  But did you know that these remarkable commensal microorganisms, which outnumber our bodily cells 10 to 1, and contribute over 95% of our body’s total Continue reading