Health Exchange Enrollees in California Get $3.2 billion in Fed Premium Subsidies

califorCalifornia residents eligible for federal health care reform law premium subsidies received $3.2 billion in subsidies — or an average of $5,200 per covered household — to purchase coverage in the state’s health insurance exchange, state officials said.

“The assistance provided through the Affordable Care Act helped Continue reading

Veterans’ Exemption from Employer Mandate OK’d by Senate Committee

eagleMore small employers would be shielded from a health care reform law provision that requires employers to offer coverage or be liable for a stiff financial penalty under legislation approved Wednesday by the Senate Finance Committee. Continue reading

Ben & Jerry’s Switches to Non-GMO, Fair Trade Ice Cream Ingredients

benThe restoration of America’s food supply powers on. Companies are beginning to hear the chants of consumers, calling out for traditional, unadulterated food ingredients. The call for cleaner food now includes ice cream. Major ice cream manufacturer, Ben & Jerry’s, has announced a major shift in how they produce their flavors. They are shifting all their ice cream flavors away from containing genetically modified ingredients (corn, soy, and sugar beets) and have already made headway with 14 of their most popular varieties. Continue reading

Antiperspirants Can Make You Smell Worse by Altering Armpit Bacteria

deoStory at-a-glance 

Antiperspirants affect the bacterial balance in your armpits, which actually leads to more pungent-smelling sweat

Study participants who used antiperspirant for a month saw a definitive increase in Actinobacteria, which are responsible for that foul-smelling armpit odor Continue reading