Telemedicine Is Vital to Reforming Health Care Delivery

harHealth care remains one of the few services that require people to have a face-to-face interaction to obtain access. But more and more consumers are questioning that reality, and change is on the way. In January 2015, the Centers for Medicare and Continue reading

Long-Term Opioid Use Tops Workers Comp Payer Worries: Study

rxReporting a 6.4% increase in prescription drug spending last year, workers compensation payers say long-term opioid use is the biggest issue they face, a study concludes.

When asked to score their concern about opioids, respondents rated the “extremely significant problem” Continue reading

Livestock Nutritionist Defends Raw Milk Safety

rm2Story at-a-glance −

Raw milk from healthy, organically raised, grass-fed, or pastured cows is an excellent health food, with an exceptional safety record

 Grass-fed organic milk tends to be yellowish, Continue reading

In Defense of Homeopathy

Hahnemann_Hospital_homeopathy_greenmedinfoHomeopathy is here to stay.  Despite relentless criticism from skeptics and fundamentalists, homeopathy has withstood the test of time. 

“…and this little piggy cried, woo woo woo, all the way home.” Continue reading

Documentary Reveals the Hazards of Toxic Mold and Mold-Related Illness

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Featured documentary discusses the nature of mold toxicity, why it’s so dangerous, and what it takes to recover your health

About 25 percent of Americans are Continue reading