Telemedicine is the Newest Driver for Medical Tourism Business

MEDICAL-TOURISM-300x94The business of Medical Tourism is growingly rapidly in the USA and other countries.  Telemedicine is the newest driver in that industry. The Tele-Medical Tourism Company Continue reading

Smart Jewelry Allows Wearers to Alert Police so They Know Where to Find Your Body 12 Minutes Later

sj2There’s an old axiom that goes something like this: Whenever you’re in trouble and you’re faced with an immediate, direct threat to your life or property, don’t worry; the police are always five minutes away.

The point is, of course, that if you have to wait for the police to arrive, Continue reading

Homemade Ginger Ale Recipe that Relieves Migraines

GINGERAccording to the National Headache Foundation, more than 29.5 million Americans are suffering from migraines. If you have this illness, you may feel pain on one or both sides of the head sometimes, and the pain will become worse with the physical activity. Some people even vomiting when the migraines is serious. Continue reading

Seaweed that Fights Cancer

japJapanese brown seaweed may be the answer to cancer prevention.

Consumption of brown seaweed has been shown to fight inflammation and disease, but why? A compound called fucoidan has been found in the seaweed, and studies have shown that it is the source of brown seaweeds myriad of health benefits.

Fucoidan has been found in several seaweed species but brown seaweed is the most well known source. Numerous studies have found that Continue reading

9 Plants that Repel Pesky Insects

AlliumsThe joys of spending time outdoors are often quickly overrun with the buzzing and biting of annoying insects, and some will attack and ruin garden vegetables as well. Experienced gardeners know that planting certain decorative plants and herbs alongside crops help to repel many insects and protect plants from damage, Continue reading