North Values Telemedicine

ontarioTelemedicine is critical when it comes to providing health care in Northwestern Ontario.

Ontario Telemedicine Network CEO Edward Brown said the region is one of the biggest users of the technology in the world and there’s a long history of telemedicine in Northwestern Ontario being used to improve access to care. Continue reading

The Doctor Will Not See You Now: How Singapore Is Pioneering Telemedicine

telerehab‘Telerehab’ takes off in Singapore 03:46

CNN’s On the Road series brings you a greater insight into countries around the world. This time we travel to Singapore as the city-state marks 50 years of independence.  Continue reading

Annual Physicals May Do More Harm Than Good

annualStory at-a-glance −

Studies in which people have been randomly assigned to get an annual physical or not have found there is no significant difference in health between the two groups

Annual physicals for Continue reading

If Cannabis Can Kill “Incurable” Brain Cancer, Why Is It Criminalized?

cannabis_kills_brain_cancerCannabis contains a compound that may kill brain cancers that chemotherapy and radiation can’t touch, so why isn’t it being used today? 

In recent years, we’ve focused heavily on educating our readers about the still relatively unknown role that cancer stem cells play in cancer, both in terms of conventional cancer treatment failure and the exceptionally promising role that Continue reading

Live O2 Revolutionary Oxygen System

liveLiveO2 is an oxygenation technology that delivers high levels of oxygen to your body at the cellular level. Oxygen provides a completely natural way to maximize your level of wellness both physically and mentally. Moreover, the benefits of oxygen use continue after your session is over.

There are more and more doctors championing the Live O2 system. I continue to use it after it literally saved my life two years ago. After pulling me out of a deep whole it is one of the main therapies that slowly, month by month, return me to a more youthful state. Continue reading