PPO Health Plans Disappearing from Public Health Exchanges

ppo2Preferred provider organization health care plans are disappearing from public health insurance exchanges established under the Continue reading

Let Fruit Be Your Medicine: Watermelon’s Remarkable Health Benefits

watermelon_health_benefitsWatermelon is so much more than just a highly refreshing summertime treat. From the perspective of a growing body of clinical research, it is a truly medicinal food.

Only this month, research published in the Continue reading

The Incredible Health Benefits of Berries

berries_phytonutrients_greenmedinfoHow can one food group offer so many incredible health benefits, from preventing heart attack, stroke and dementia to protecting you from the flu? The answer is¬†phytonutrients, and berries are simply loaded. Reading this “berry primer” will have you snatching them by the handfuls.

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Just One Teaspoon of This Spice Boosts Weight Loss by 50%

cuminCould a few shakes of this yellow powder dissolve stubborn weight and TRIPLE your loss of body fat?

The peppery spice cumin appeared in the Bible as a seasoning for soup and breads.  The seeds were paid to priests.  Continue reading