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logo TrimmedWelcome to our Blog. We began posting in September 2009 and now, ten years later, we have enjoyed over 73 Million visitors to the site.

Our Mission has never wavered. We continue to provide relevant information on health and important issues affecting all of us who inhabit this planet, without cost or obligation.

Our format as aggregators is simple, elegant and clean.  The site is imminently searchable with thousands of key words and over 10,000 articles, so one can easily find information. Articles generally have at least one video attached in the body for a more fulfilling and multi-dimensional experience.

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The Executive Editor is Alexa von Speyer, WME and it is under her leadership that the blog has grown to its current level of readership and influence. Her direction with a team of graphics and editorial content specialists have garnered the support of tens of thousands people who subscribe to the daily feed.

We welcome your thoughts and comments.  Enjoy your stay with us and we invite you to peruse the many pages of thoughtful, important and highly useful information.

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Image: How often do you eat cherries? 7 Reasons to eat moreCherries are small, round, dark red stone fruits that may taste sweet or tart (sour), depending on the variety. When you eat cherries, you enjoy much more than their delicious taste because they offer many health benefits. Here are seven reasons why you should start eating this amazing fruit today: Continue reading

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