Peripheral Neuropathy

peripheral neuropathyThe Most Common Disease You’ve Never Heard Of

There’s a good chance you’ve never heard of one of the most common diseases in America. Treatment is limited and truth be told, doctors don’t seem to know much about it. It’s often misdiagnosed and definitely misunderstood and that’s why this week is dedicated to Continue reading

The Acid That Battles Diabetes Side Effects

About one in five patients with diabetes suffers from diabetic neuropathy — so it is very common. It’s the result of nerve damage by compromised small blood vessels surrounding the nerve. It occurs most frequently in diabetic patients with prolonged high blood sugar levels.

Patients with diabetic neuropathy may experience these symptoms: stabbing pains; burning sensation, especially in the evening; muscle twitching; impaired speech; difficulty swallowing; muscle weakness; dizziness; blurred vision; drooping eyelid; chronic diarrhea; reduced sensation anywhere in the body; and, most commonly, numbness and tingling sensation in the extremities.

In general,  Continue reading