10 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Fleas on Dogs

22-10-Natural-Ways-To-Get-Rid-Of-Fleas-On-DogsA dog is indeed man’s best friend. Having such as a pet can provide one with joy in numerous ways. However, it cannot be denied that having a dog could also mean problems on the part of the owner. For instance, especially during the summer months, many dog owners would often complain about fleas. Given such, Continue reading

Chinese Medicine’s Natural Ways to Ease Colitis

Since colitis is a common and frustrating disease, it’s no surprise that Traditional Chinese Medicine has developed techniques to handle it. The cause of this inflammatory bowel disease is not fully known, but there are established Chinese healing secrets to help you deal with it.

Similar to Crohn’s disease, Continue reading

Think Twice before Throwing Away a Banana Peel

A lot of people love bananas and have discovered that they make a great “in-between-meals” snack. Bananas are sweet, have enough bulk to make you feel full (at least temporarily), and can give you a little burst of energy without the blood sugar crash associated with baked goods like cookies or muffins.

After you eat that banana, Continue reading