Iodine-Rich Foods Fight Breast Cancer

iodine_breast_cancer_greenmedinfoWomen with iodine deficiencies are more likely to develop breast cancer. Eat more of these iodine-rich foods to reduce your risk.

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Research: Ginger Selectively Kills Breast Cancer Cells

ginger_breast_cancerNew research published in the Journal of Biomedicine and Biotechnology found that “ginger may be a promising candidate for the treatment of breast carcinomas.”[i]  This is a timely finding, insofar as breast cancer awareness month is only days away, and one of the primary fund-raising justifications is the false concept Continue reading

Tangerine Compounds Protect Against Long List of Chronic Diseases

tangerine_health_benefitsAll oranges have amazing health benefits.  Tangerines are a particularly popular orange and a handy treat.  Research shows tangerines may also have potent health effects in a wide range of chronic conditions from obesity to cancer. 

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