Reason for an E-Visit? Average Patient Waits Over 20 Minutes at a Doctor’s Office

The average U.S. patient spends about 20 minutes in the waiting room at a doctor’s office; that’s more time than they’ll probably spend with the doctor.

In a new analysis, doctor review site compiled patient-reported wait times from its database of more than 870,000 physicians and ranked states based on their average times. Continue reading

10 Ways to Understand “Risk” at the Doctor’s Office

A new study has come out filled with health advice on how a patient can make informed, good decisions regarding treatment choices. There are so many questions, so many unknowns and so many medical words thrown around that you can quickly get lost. This article is about better understanding your “risk” of developing a problem. Here are 10 health tips on how to best inform you.

1. Plain language: If you don’t understand something your doctor says, ask him or her to explain it better. Don’t expect doctors to know when you don’t understand them.

2. Absolute risk: The most important statistic is what risk you have that something will happen to you if you take a certain treatment. You might hear: “This drug will cut your risk in half.” Continue reading