No Time For The Gym? Eat An Orange!

vitaminc_orange_cardio_greenmedinfoNew research suggests that vitamin C may give you some of the same heart benefits as regular exercise. 

A study from the University of Colorado, Boulder examined the effects of vitamin C supplements Continue reading

Change the Game by Taking Control of Your Health

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Conventional medicine is excellent at diagnosing disease, but where it fails miserably is in the treatment approaches. It only treats the symptoms, not the cause, typically using toxic drugs

There are safer, Continue reading

Your Brain Is Capable of Producing New Cells through Neurogenesis; Here Are FIVE Ways to Improve Cognition

BRAIN POWERPrior to about 20 years ago, it was believed that the human brain was incapable of producing new brain cells after reaching maturity. But scientists now widely accept the fact that the human brain can undergo neurogenesis, in which new neurons are born, even into adulthood, and that this process can be helped along through certain dietary and lifestyle changes.

Two specific regions of the brain, Continue reading

Boost Your Brain Health by Developing a Higher Purpose in Life, and Other Simple Brain-Boosting Strategies

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Personality traits like optimism and having a sense of purpose can benefit your health in a number of different ways, and ultimately help you live longer

One recent study found that having a sense of purpose reduced odds of Continue reading

Exercise—an Important Component of Cancer Treatment and Dementia Prevention

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Exercise can help slash your risk of cancer; help cancer patients recuperate faster; and diminish your risk of cancer recurrence. It also helps diminish your risk of dementia

Being fit in middle age cut men’s risk of lung cancer by 55 percent, Continue reading

Study Identifies Top Six Factors Predicting Heart Attack Risk

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A 20-year long study involving women uncovers the top six lifestyle factors that predict heart attack risk, and several relate to diet and exercise

Chronic stress throws your central nervous system into imbalance, Continue reading

Protein and Strength Training—Two Important Components for Healthy Aging

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 According to recent research, current dietary guidelines on protein intake may be too low for health, particularly if you’re over 50

 Protein is essential for optimal muscle growth and maintenance—especially for seniors— Continue reading

How Exercise Affects Your Genes, and More

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Brief, vigorous exercise causes immediate structural and chemical changes in the DNA molecules within your muscles that benefit your health Continue reading

What Happens to Your Body When You’re Not Moving, and What to Do About It

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According to biological anthropologists, the fossil record suggests that when early man traded their nomadic hunter-gatherer lifestyles for a more settled one, it resulted in a less dense bone structure

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Are Children Medicated for Convenience, or Necessity?

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A BBC documentary examines what drives parents to put their kids on potent brain-altering drugs with potentially dangerous side effects

Many children today are drugged for “parental convenience,” as opposed to being treated for Continue reading

Fluoride Intake Increasing Bone Fractures

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Fluoride interferes with bone remodeling, allowing your bones to become excessively mineralized and denser but not any stronger Continue reading

If You Do Ecstasy (MDMA) Consider Ginger

ectasyGinger May Salvage the Brains of Those Doing Ecstasy (MDMA)

The recreational drug known as ‘ecstasy’ or ‘molly’ is a synthetic amphetamine derivative primarily used by young people in dance and music environments. While the drug, technically known as Continue reading

Strength Training Can Boost Your Long-Term Memory and Lower Your Risk of Dementia

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A healthy lifestyle will support your brain health, and can even encourage your brain to grow new neurons—a process known as neurogenesis or neuroplasticity

Diet, sleep, and exercise are three lifestyle factors that can Continue reading

Do Cholesterol Drugs Have Men By Their Gonads?

Now, a new study on statins and male fertility Continue reading

How to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes, Why Insulin May Actually Accelerate Death, and Other Ignored Facts

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In the US, about 80 million, or one in four, has some form of diabetes or pre-diabetes

Even worse, more than one-third of British adults are now pre-diabetic. In 2003, 11.6 percent of Britons had pre-diabetes. Continue reading