Do Hidden Opiates In Our Food Explain Food Addictions?

Coffee Chocolate AddictionsFood addictions are not strictly “psychological” problems, but have a hard-wired, organic component.  Many of the most commonly consumed foods in Western culture actually contain narcotic properties associated with the presence of psychoactive chemicals that bind to opioid receptors in the nervous system. Continue reading

Scientists Explain How Mother’s Diet Prevents Allergies in Offspring

Previous research has suggested that regular intake of omega-3 fatty acids during pregnancy helps boost the child’s immune system, thereby preventing allergies. Researchers now have an idea of how the healthy fats benefit fetal well-being.

Authors of the study, which was published in a recent issue of The Journal of Physiology, explained that the polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) found in foods like walnuts, fish and flaxseeds may have an effect on the development of the fetal gut.

In a trial, they observed that PUFA intake by the mother helped to make her child’s gut more permeable, allowing substances to pass through into the bloodstream. Researchers explained that this stimulated the production of antibodies in the fetus. Continue reading