End of Antibiotics Grows Near As Drug-Resistant Gene with Epidemic Potential Is Found in Animals, Meats, and Humans

resistantStory at-a-glance −

Researchers recently discovered a new gene, called mcr-1, in pigs and people in China — a gene mutation that makes bacteria resistant to our last-resort class of antibiotics

The drug resistance caused by Continue reading

Friendship Fights Depression, Researchers Find

recoveryStory at-a-glance −

Study refutes earlier claims that depression is “contagious,” finding instead that only positive moods tend to spread among people in close association Continue reading

Surprising Finding: Gut Microbes Make Dark Chocolate Healthy

darkDark chocolate, especially raw cacao powder, has pronounced health benefits, provided you eat it in moderation

Bacteria in your gut break down and ferment the components in dark chocolate and cacao, turning them into absorbable anti-inflammatory compounds that benefit your health  Continue reading

A New Reason Why Wheat and GMOs Can Destroy Your Health

wheat_destroys_healthA new study indicates that wheat contributes to the growth of pathogenic bacteria in our gut, adding to growing concern that GMO foods are doing the same. 

A new study published in FEMS Microbiology Ecology titled, Continue reading