Your Body Needs Full Spectrum Light for Optimal Function

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Humans are adapted to sunlight as a complex stimulus that helps keep your body healthy. Exposure to the 1500 wavelengths in sunlight enables your body to react in a balanced and beneficial way Continue reading

How to Help Prevent Age Related Muscle Loss

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Muscle aging may start at a relatively young age. By the time you’re in your 30s, age-related muscle loss (sarcopenia) may already have begun if you’ve neglected to take proactive steps to prevent it

Your muscles help keep your metabolic system intact, Continue reading

Obesity Will Soon Overtake Smoking as Principal Cause of Cancer

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In the US, nearly one in five deaths is associated with obesity, and eight obesity-related diseases account for 75 percent of all healthcare costs

Obesity will likely claim the lead spot as the Continue reading

Coconut Oil May Reduce White Rice Calories 50-60%

coconut_rice_healthier_caloriesWhite rice is far from a health food, the excessive consumption of which contributes to overweight, obesity and blood sugar disorders, but new research indicates adding coconut oil while cooking it can dramatically alter its nutritional structure and function.

The way that a food will affect your blood sugar depends on a wide range of factors.

For instance, Continue reading

TV Time Cuts Toddler Development

kids_watching_TVMy mother always told us that watching too many episodes of The Three Stooges would rot our brains.  As it turns out, she may have been on to something.

When I was growing up my mother always told us that watching too many episodes of “The Three Stooges would rot our brains.  Continue reading

Foods and Other Lifestyle Factors That Will Shorten Your Lifespan

longevity-tipsA diet high in sugar (which includes processed fructose and grains) causes a host of health problems that can take years off your life, including obesity, diabetes, and heart disease

Compelling evidence actually suggests optimizing your vitamin D can reduce your risk of death from any cause Continue reading

Simple, Effective Approaches for Safely Preventing and Treating Back Pain

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An estimated 75-85 percent of Americans will experience back pain at some time in their lives; in most cases, the pain is due to a mechanical problem, such as poor posture, improper movement, and excessive sitting

One of the latest drug scams is pushing an expensive anti-rheumatic drug for back pain that may cost you $20,000 per year and has a slew of nasty side effects Continue reading

Some Things You Can Do in Your Sleep, Literally

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Your brain doesn’t simply “turn off” while you’re sleeping; it goes through periods of deep sleep and activity – activity levels similar to those that occur when you’re awake

Using an electroencephalogram (EEG) to record brain activity, Continue reading

5 Surprising Factors That Make You Pack on Pounds

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Contrary to popular belief, obesity is not simply the result of eating too many calories and not exercising enough

Antibiotics, found in medicine and non-organic meats, promote obesity by killing off beneficial gut bacteria and altering your microbiome Continue reading

Green Tea Helps Lower Blood Pressure, and Much More…

green teaHigh-quality tea—green tea in particular—contain polyphenol antioxidants that are recognized for their disease prevention and anti-aging properties

Powerful polyphenols found in green tea has been shown Continue reading

The Link Between Obesity and Cancer

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Obesity is a frequently overlooked factor that can contribute to an increased cancer risk. Less than 10 percent of Americans are aware of this link

The obesity epidemic is Continue reading

Artificial Sweeteners Raise Your Risk of Diabetes by Altering Your Gut Microbiome

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Those who switch to artificial sweeteners are typically carrying extra pounds and/or are diabetic. Most are unaware this may be the absolute worst diet change they could implement

Both artificial sweeteners and certain gut microbes have previously been linked to obesity, and artificial sweeteners Continue reading

Obesity Epidemic Goes Global: One-in-Three Is Now Overweight or Obese

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An estimated 110,000 Americans die as a result of obesity each year. Worldwide, obesity claims an estimated 3.4 million lives annually

One-third of all cancers are directly related to excess weight Continue reading

Improving Your Sleep May Be Key for Preventing and Treating Metabolic Disorders

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According to recent research, poor sleep could have a significant bearing on metabolic disorders such as obesity, hypertension, and type 2 diabetes

The authors suggest that addressing your sleeping habits may be key for both the prevention and treatment Continue reading

Clinical Scientist Sets the Record Straight on Hazards of Sugar

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The conventional wisdom is that people are eating too much and exercising too little. However, groundbreaking research suggests obesity is primarily related to a high-sugar diet Continue reading