11/17/2022 QSI + Nick Declas on The Fed-Central Banks-and CBDCs All Under White Hat Control

– history of the Federal Reserve and how they and Central Banks created market crashes to profit off shorting the economy and then bailed themselves out using governmental authority with self-created regulation and taxpayer money. Rinse and repeat money laundering to epic proportions

0:38 – Nick explains how and why the Fed and CBs are self-imploding with irrefutable evidence and public confirmations that Trump Administration and white hats have taken control of the Fed via US Treasury

1:00 – Nick explains the $2.3 QUADRILLION global debt liability + derivatives exposure that will cripple the whole world

1:07 – Emily explains how CBDCs are a white hat construct and how they are being used to destroy the Cabal Central Banks via Soroban and Liquidity Tokens such as Ripple’s XRP and Stellar’s XLM (proving XRP and XLM are NOT Stablecoins but bridge/liquidity tokens)

1:50 – Nick explains Fractional Reserve Banking fraud

1:53 – Emily discusses XRP buybacks

1:56 Q&A session – should I pay taxes this year? – if Trump becomes House Speaker or Fed Chairman does he have the power to use $2.3quadrillion for GESARA repayments? -how does the Fed control/is related to Central Banks of other countries? -how will GESARA debt forgiveness be implemented? -how does this affect the future size of government and limit corruption? -how will money laundering be minimized or handled in the quantum future? -is my mortgage defunct? do I still need to pay it? -what is your best guess on GESARA and RV timing? -what does justice look like for those who are victims of illegal bank loans and loan practices? -do people need to become sovereign on their own or wait for the Flip to 1776 Constitutional Law? -are there any resources on how to discontinue paying mortgages? -why is XRP splashed all over the news very publicly but there is nothing about XLM? -how can Stellar operate without internet? -will our accounts be liquid at the same time as the normies? -will nefarious people also have their loans and debt forgiven? -how/when will we know what physical Cabal assets have been seized and how can we acquire it?

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