11 Dimensions Explained – Higher Dimensions Explained – Higher Dimensions Explained

All 11 dimensions are explained in this video one by one. The video includes- what are dimensions, how many dimensions are there in the universe according to different theories, how we can visualize higher dimensions and what is the geometrical structure of higher dimensions. In this Video I will also explain why we are not able to perceive higher dimensions although we might be living in higher dimensions unknowingly and what supernatural powers a being of higher dimensions would possess.

1st dimension (First Dimension) An object in first dimension has only one dimension i.e. length. A straight line is an example of first dimensional object. We can get straight line by joining two points.

2nd Dimension (Second Dimension) Second dimensional objects also known as two dimensional or 2D objects are flat shapes. Some common examples of two dimensional shapes are squares and triangles.

3rd dimension (Third Dimension) On adding one more dimension to 2 dimensional objects we enter into the world of three dimensions. This third dimension is of height. Therefore to represent three dimensional or 3D objects we need three coordinates length, breadth and height. Three dimensional objects are solid objects and therefore have non zero volume.

4th dimension (Fourth Dimension) Time is considered the fourth dimension. A four Dimensional being can move freely in time dimension. It would have full control over time. He would be able to move in any desired direction in time; past or future. But if we consider the fourth dimension from the geometrical point of view then hypercube is a 4 dimensional object. It is also called a tesseract. The relationship between a hypercube and a cube is same as that of cube and square. So in simple terms a hypercube or tesseract is four dimensional analog of the cube.

5th dimension (Fifth Dimension) A person living in 5th dimension can control time in different ways. A fifth dimensional being can move either in past or future as per his wish. He would have all the powers that are possessed by a fourth dimensional being. But he would also be able to be present at different locations at the same time. It would also be possible for him to do many jobs and have different hobbies simultaneously.

6th dimension (Sixth Dimension) A six dimensional being has all the powers that a person living in 5th dimension has along with some extra capabilities. But one limitation of the sixth dimension is that all the parallel universes must have the same beginning (initial conditions) that is the Big Bang.

7th dimension (Seventh Dimension) Seventh dimension can have infinite number of universes. A seventh dimensional being can have infinite forms of itself and can move from one universe to any other universe. The 7th dimensional universes may have originated from different start conditions.

8th dimension (Eighth Dimension) The eighth dimension has a plane of all the possible presents, pasts and futures for all the infinite number of parallel universes and all these infinite universes extend up to infinity.

9th dimension (Ninth Dimension) Infinite number of universes exist in the ninth dimension. It is possible for the universes in the ninth dimension to have their own laws of Physics and separate conditions and probabilities of their origin.

10th dimension (Tenth dimension) The 10th dimensional being would have infinite powers. He would be able to do the things that are beyond your imagination. He would be able to control even the spacetime and everything present in all the infinite number of universes.

11th dimension (Eleventh dimension) Many unanswered questions were arised when the superstring theory was introduced. Therefore to answer these questions, eleventh dimension was proposed by the researchers. According to superstring theory, everything in the universe is made up of one dimensional and infinitely small vibrating loops called strings.

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