11 Signs You are Living in 5D and Why You are Chosen – 5th Dimension – 5D Ascension

This video explains 11 Signs You are Living in 5D and Why You are Chosen for 5D Ascension. If you observe these signs then you already living in the 5D world (5th dimension) or moving into the 5th dimension (5D earth). fascinating tv The video also explains vibrational frequencies of emotions (emotional frequency chart). 5th dimension is a world having very high frequencies and much better than the 3D world. We are currently experiencing the 3D world. Being a physical world, this 3 dimensional world is very limited. But do you know, there is much more to this reality that most of us are not able to perceive ?

What if I say, not everything you learnt in school was true and there are things in this world that normal human beings can’t see, hear or feel. But it doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. What if you know that the incidences you thought, happened by chance, was not any coincidence.

In the higher dimensional world things start to make much more sense. Every 26,000 years, our earth has ascension and descension cycles. Currently we are at the end of the descension cycle of 26000 years and are now entering into the phase of ascension. Frequency of the earth at which it vibrates has been increasing steadily, hence the earth is moving into higher vibrational state. Have you ever heard of 5D earth? 5D earth is actually a completely new energy having different energy density. Along with the earth, we humans are also upgrading to higher vibrational 5D energy. Different people are pulling in this energy at different rates. In this 5D world, things which are considered impossible in the limited 3D world become possible.

Things like telekinesis, telepathy, time travel, teleportation, seeing or passing through physical matter etc. become possible in 5D world. 4D is the bridge between 3D and 5D world. In the 4D world, you start to unlearn the limited knowledge of the old 3D world and expose many truths. As you move into 5D while passing through 4D you start to perceive things more clearly and find the hidden patterns in nature. 3rd dimension is highly dense. This 3D world has lots of heavy emotions that have low frequency. Let me tell you that every emotion has its own frequency.

Emotions that are considered good such as happiness, love, acceptance have high vibrational frequencies while so called bad emotions like shame, fear, anger etc. have low frequency of vibration. You can watch my video on emotional frequency chart. that I uploaded recently. Unlike 3D world, the 5D world has only higher frequency of emotions. As the fifth dimensional world vibrates higher, it has higher energy as compared to 3rd dimensional world. It is possible to manifest faster in 5D as things vibrate a lot faster in 5D than 3D. But let me tell you that moving into the 5th dimension is a slow process.

You enter into the fifth dimension with your physical body with some modifications that I will discuss later in this video. So ascension is different from death where the soul leaves its physical body. The old 3D system would collapse before you are fully in 5D system. If you are watching this video, you probably are shifting towards 5D. You attracted this video into your life. As I said, there are no coincidences in this world. Everything has a purpose but identifying that purpose or pattern is limited by our intelligence.

Here are 11 signs that indicate, you are living in 5D 1. You see everything as energy 2.You have started eliminating toxins 3.Your ego has vanished 4.You have stopped judging yourself and others 5.You are more connected with nature 6.You know we are not separate and Everything is connected 7.You observe improvement in your psychic abilities 8.You have Stopped eating heavy food. 9.You are manifesting faster 10.You feel abundance 11.You understand everyone and everything is perfect Friends, if you are experiencing most of these signs then congratulations, you are already living in the higher dimension, the 5th dimension. But if you are having only a few of these signs then you are ready to enter into the 5th dimension.

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