Patients See Higher Bills after Doctors Sell Practices

billsThe doctor might be the same, but her bill’s going to be higher.

A strong trend of hospitals buying up physicians practices as well as hospital mergers is threatening to also drive up costs to patients—at least in the short term.

A key factor in that consolidation trend is doctors now are willing Continue reading

HIT Firm Combines Device Data + EMR Connectivity + Informatics to Make Hospital Data Meaningful

hitPictured from left: Jeanne Venella, John Zaleski and Christopher Gatti

Nuvon Chief Informatics Officer John Zaleski likes to explain what his company does by referring to his time working on his PhD. At that time, he and other academics in the 1970s and 1980s were thinking up ways health IT could improve patient outcomes. Continue reading

MSNBC Host Says Newborn Infants Don’t Count as ‘Alive’ Unless Parents Decide they Do; Infanticide Is the New Abortion

newToday Natural News denounces Melissa Harris-Perry, the latest talking head “death worshipper” to publicly imply that she supports the murder of living, breathing newborn children. According to Harris-Perry, life begins when the parents feel like life begins. And together with some twisted new “ethics” arguments from the radical left, Continue reading

How to Get More Cancer Protection from Your Broccoli

eatbroResearch has shown repeatedly that cruciferous vegetables fight cancer.  Vegetables such as broccoli, kale, cabbage and cauliflower contain a cancer-protective compound called sulforaphane.  This powerful compound improves the liver’s ability to detoxify carcinogens and other toxins. Continue reading

New Study Confirms Gingko Biloba Aids Stroke Recovery

stroke_recovery(1)A new study published in the Journal of Stroke and Cerebrovascular Disease confirms that extracts of one of the oldest plants in existence today, the ‘living fossil’ known as Gingko biloba, protects against stroke-related neurologic deficits in human subjects.[1]

Researchers at the University of Medical Sciences, Tabriz, Iran, lead a double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized controlled trial, in order to assess the efficacy of Gingko biloba on functional outcome in patients with acute stroke. In order to measure functional outcome Continue reading

40 Important Herbs Used by the Korku Tribes in Betul District (Central India)

korkusKorkus are natives of Central India mainly in the adjourning hill ranges of Satpuda in Madhya Pradesh- India. The age-old herbal experts in the community still rely more on natural ways of treating people in their community Continue reading

Nasty Pesticide Broken Down by Probiotic Used In Culturing Food

pestiA new study published in Letters in Applied Microbiology shows that a commonly used food probiotic known as Lactobacillus plantarum is capable of degrading dangerous pesticide residues in wheat (pirimiphos-methyl), confirming the traditional fermentation-based food-processing technique Continue reading

The Health Benefits of Vinegar: Real or Imagined?

vinegar_healthAnecdotes about the health benefits of vinegar proliferate wildly, as do claims by skeptics that it is nothing more than placebo medicine. So, what does the scientific evidence actually say?

According to a recent review published in MedGenMed titled, “Vinegar: Medicinal Uses & Antiglycemic Effect,” which set out to examine the scientific evidence for the medicinal uses of vinegar, folklore concerning vinegar’s discovery stretch back to the very beginnings of recorded history:

Legend states that a courtier Continue reading

Telemedicine May Help Cure Kentucky’s Overburdened Healthcare System

kenAfter suffering with skin problems most of her young life, Jewel Harmon saw a pediatric dermatology expert from Louisville Wednesday — without ever leaving her hometown of Morehead, Ky., 150 miles away.

The 5-year-old visited Continue reading

Modern Science Confirms Yoga’s Many Health Benefits

yoga_benefitsModern science now confirms why humans have been practicing yoga since the beginning of recorded history: it is good both for the body and mind.

There is evidence in the archeological record that yoga has been practiced by humans for at least 5,000 years. Whereas this would constitute sufficient evidence for most folks to consider it a practice with real health benefits, as its millions of practitioners widely claim, skeptics say otherwise. They require any activity deemed to be of therapeutic value run the gauntlet of randomized, controlled clinical trials before it is fully accepted within the conventional medical system. Continue reading

Indian Supreme Court Panel Recommeds Halt To All GM Field Trials

india supreme courtIn a landmark recommendation, an Indian Supreme Court-appointed committee has called for a halt on all further genetically modified (GM) crop trials until flaws in regulatory and safety systems are addressed.

As reported on

“Based on the examination Continue reading

Permanent Fix for Eyelid Twitching in Sight

twitchingQ: I feel embarrassed even worrying about this, but I have been dealing with an annoying twitch in my eyelid for the last couple of weeks. Sometimes it stops for a little while — but it always seems to return. Continue reading