New Abortion Restrictions Take a Digital Turn

abortion2Eleven states now ban abortion by telemedicine, which allows doctors to remotely administer drug-induced abortions.

Hundreds of abortion rights demonstrators rally outside of the Texas State Captiol on July 15, 2013, to protest recent legislation that could shut down all but five clinics and restrict abortion rights throughout the state.(Photo: Tamir Kalifa, AP) Continue reading

8 Essential Strategies for Sustainable Telehealth

usaWhere to start with telehealth?

For many healthcare leaders, the question around telehealth has shifted from “whether to offer telehealth” to “when to start offering telehealth”.

Just like the electronic medical record is becoming the de facto standard for managing patients’ Continue reading

Chamomile Proven to Fight Anxiety and Clinical Depression

chamomilleRecent clinical and laboratory research has determined that chamomile is not only relaxing, but it can significantly decrease anxiety and even fight depression.

The most recent study, from the UK’s University of Nottingham Medical School, found that chamomile significantly relaxed blood vessels and smooth muscle fibers. This effect was indicated specifically with Continue reading

Autism-Birth Induction Link: Correlation or Causation?

induced_birth_autismA new study linking birth induction to autism is rippling through the mainstream press, generating titles such as Bloomberg’s “Autism Risk May Be Raised for Children When Labor Induced, CBS News’ “Induced labor may increase risk of autism in offspring,  and WebMD’s “Induced Labor Linked to Raised Risk of Autism.” Continue reading