Digital Communication Improves Care, but Payment Still Elusive

wheelA qualitative study by Weiss Cornell Medical Center found many benefits to digital patient-physician communication.

A new qualitative study from Weill Cornell Medical Center, published in Health Affairs, suggests that physician-patient communication by email or a secure patient portal offers significantly more advantages than disadvantages. However, Continue reading

Docs, States Look to Telehealth to Deliver Medical Care

florCan’t get in to see a doctor? Or live hundreds of miles from a specialist? Try Skyping in to their office.

That may be the wave of the future. And it’s gotten the attention of the Legislature, which is being asked to pass legislation to certify and impose standards on a growing practice.

More and more doctors and hospitals Continue reading

5 Amazing Healing Honey Facts

honey4Honey, unlike almost everything else we consume in our diet, was intended solely to be a form of nourishment – albeit, for the bees.  Only milk, to my knowledge, shares this singular biological imperative. But honey is far more than a source of sweetness and quick energy within the human diet.

It has profound medicinal applications, some of which are as follows: Continue reading

Pottenger’s Cats: Nutritional Lessons for Your Children’s Dental-Facial Growth

pottengers_cats_milkLessons From Pottenger’s Cats

“If proper nutrition and exercise are absent when facial structures are developing, dentition always suffers. The kitten kept on a deficient diet for 10 months has an inadequate jaw with crowded, irregular and poorly aligned teeth.” ~ Francis Pottenger, MD Continue reading