Women Save Less Through Defined Contribution Plans

saveWomen on average save less through their employers’ defined contribution plans than men and are more likely to default on plan loans, according to a new report.

On average, women contribute 6.9% of pay to defined contribution plans, such as 401(k) plans, sharply lower compared with men, who contribute an average of 7.6% of pay, Continue reading

Some Employers May Shift Health Plans for Early Retirees to Insurance Exchanges

hieMany employers that offer health insurance plans to retirees who are not yet eligible for Medicare are exploring potential savings of directing them to plans offered through soon-to-be launched public insurance exchanges.

“A lot of employers are exploring this option. They have come to the conclusion that certain of their retiree population Continue reading

The Unhealthiest of “Health Foods”

cwStory at-a-glance

Many of the foods commonly considered to be “health foods” are not good for your health

Eleven of the most common unhealthy “health foods” are discussed—including fruit juices, whole grains, agave nectar, vegetable oil and sports drinks Continue reading

Good News: Huge Victories Achieved against GMOs, Big Pharma, Animal Cruelty

gnGood News: Huge Victories Achieved against GMOs, Big Pharma, Animal Cruelty

More and more, our collective activism is reshaping the world economy to punish criminal corporations and demand transparency on topics like GMOs, drug patents, animal cruelty and more. And we are winning on every front! Continue reading