Companies Sweating Obamacare Tax—and Acting on it: Study

tax2Mid- and large-sized companies overwhelmingly expect health-care costs to increase under Obamacare—and most are eyeing possible changes to their health insurance offerings because of a looming excise tax for pricier plans under the health-care reform law, a new survey of employers finds.

In fact, 40 percent of 420 companies surveyed by Towers Watson said they will be changing their insurance plans’ designs in Continue reading

Most Employees Don’t Know Difference between FSA, HSA: Survey

hsaMost employees don’t know the basic difference between health savings accounts and flexible spending accounts, according to a new survey.

Nearly 75% of those responding to a Fidelity Investments survey said HSAs were pretty much the same thing as FSAs or were unsure of how FSAs and HSAs differ. Continue reading

Miso Protects Against Radiation, Cancer and Hypertension

miso_health_benefitsWhen the second atomic bomb was dropped on Nagasaki on August 9th, 1945, 21 healthcare workers were attending 70 tuberculosis patients in a hospital 1.4 km from ground zero.  None of them suffered from acute radiation poisoning. 

Dr. Tatuichiro Akizuki, a physician at the hospital, credited this miracle to the fact that everyone was consuming daily cups of miso soup garnished with wakame seaweed.   

In a new comprehensive review of both epidemiological and experimental studies, Japanese researcher Hiromitsu Watanabe from Continue reading

Cinnamon Reduces Blood Pressure while Balancing Blood Glucose

cinnamon_blood_sugar_pressureRecent research from the University of Toronto has confirmed that even short-term use of cinnamon can significantly reduce blood pressure – especially among those who are prediabetic or type-2 diabetic.

The researchers conducted a systematic review study of clinical trials using cinnamon between Continue reading

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation for Depression Treatment

tmsDepression touches a lot of lives. If you don’t suffer directly from it, it’s quite possible you know someone that does. You experience their good and bad days, ups and downs, and the thoughts they’re feeling in your own way. Depression doesn’t just affect those who are diagnosed, but the people they are close to.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many cures for depression that aren’t based around pharmaceutical assistance. Continue reading