Texting Wait Times for Quicker Emergency Room Care

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the average “door-to-doc” ER wait time nationally was 58 minutes in 2009. Even in an ER with a shorter-than-average door-to-doc wait time, there’s no telling what wait a given trip can incur — until now, that is. Continue reading

Freshwater Breakthrough as Huge Aquifers Discovered Beneath Ocean Floor

Hidden beneath the depths of the world’s oceans are large pockets of mostly fresh water that could serve as replacement water sources for the many land-based aquifers that are on the verge of drying up, a new study suggests. Discovered off the coasts of Australia, China, North America and South Africa, these massive underwater aquifers contain Continue reading

Children in Danger as an Easy Target for Forced Medicine

It would appear from mounting evidence that today’s children are an easy target for increased profits for pharmaceutical companies and medical practitioners.

Profit-driven drug companies, hell-bent on making money no matter the cost to patients or their families, along with ego-driven doctors, are going to extremes to prove themselves and their dangerous treatments right (or to avoid being proven wrong), using extreme measures to force treatments onto children to meet their objectives.

Children are an easy target for forced medicine, because it is simple Continue reading