HHS Final Rule Gives Patients Direct Access to Lab Results

LabresultsOn Monday, the Obama administration released a final rule allowing patients and their designees to directly access laboratory results, instead of having to request them from physicians, the Washington Post reports (Somashekhar, Washington Post, 2/3).

Details of Final Rule

The rule, which amends the Continue reading

State Policy a Big Factor in whether Hospitals Offer Telehealth Services

telehealthState policies have big impact on whether hospitals decide to offer telehealth services, according to research published in the newest issue of Health Affairs.

The research is based on data from the information technology supplement to the American Continue reading

TOXIC WARNING: Fruit & Vegetable Stickers – Organic Makes Zero Difference!

orgThe adhesives used on fruit and vegetable stickers are regulated by the FDA. They are labeled as “indirect food-contact substances.”

What chemicals the glue can be made from are listed in the Code of Federal Regulations part 175.125. The same rules apply to adhesives Continue reading

Is Your Diet Soda Making You Fat?

diet_soda_obesityDespite all the warnings about the risks of chemicals in diet sodas, many people still rely on their daily Coke Zero.  They take the risk because their greater concern is weight control.  Parents are even feeding diet sodas to their children in the belief that it will avert obesity.

The sad irony is that artificial sweeteners in diet sodas may be having the exact opposite effect.  Two studies presented at a meeting of the American Diabetes Association Continue reading

Who Are The Wellness Whistleblowers?

wellness_whistleblowersOver the last year, the revelations and news media coverage of Edward Snowden have firmly lodged the word ‘whistleblower’ in the minds of not only Americans, but people all over the world. With Snowden’s recent Nobel Peace Prize nomination, it signals public opinion is very much behind those that expose the truth.

A whistleblower is defined as a person who ‘exposes misconduct, alleged dishonest or Continue reading