Not All Alarm Safety Systems are the same

alertMa Bell introduced the first commercial pager in 1962 at the Seattle World’s Fair. It was called the BellBoy Radio Paging System. It was about the size of a small television remote and was used to notify someone of a call. An elegant means of letting someone know they had a call when they were not in front of their telephone; remember mobile phones were not available in 1962, so it was a pager, Continue reading

Feds: Draft Med Device Interoperability Standards Could Come this Spring

interONC, FDA officials discuss challenges of regulation at Health Care Innovation Day

Draft interoperability standards for medical devices could be on their way as soon as April, according to officials from the Office of the National Coordinator of Health IT and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, speaking at the Health Care Innovation Day event hosted by the West Health Institute in Continue reading

Avoiding your Dentist Can Save your Life

teethThe standard practice of dentistry is dangerous to American health. The American Dental Association continues to maintain that mercury fillings and root canals are safe dental procedures, in spite of the overwhelming evidence against these practices. Routine high speed drilling saves dentists time, but also unwittingly destroys teeth, Continue reading

Dramatic Recovery in Parkinson’s Patient with Gluten Free Diet

parkinsons_recovery_gluten_freeCould gluten’s toxicity extend to the nervous system, producing symptoms identical to classical Parkinson’s disease? A new case study adds to a growing body of research indicating that wheat’s neurotoxicity is greatly underestimated.

A remarkable new case Continue reading

Radioactive Cesium-137 in Foods Can be Blocked during Digestion: Health Ranger Research Breakthrough

cesiumAfter many long months of intense R&D efforts in the laboratory, I am ready to make this historical, groundbreaking announcement: I have discovered, documented and validated a combination of five natural substances which can capture and remove radioactive cesium-137 from the digestive tract. This operates in much the same way that dietary fiber can capture Continue reading