Study: Telemedicine in Nursing Homes Cuts Hospitalizations, Costs

elderNursing homes that offer after-hours telemedicine services to their residents significantly reduce hospitalization rates, which could save Medicare hundreds of thousands of dollars per year, according to a study published in the journal Health Affairs, Clinical Innovation & Technology reports. Continue reading

Feds Give 2-Year Grace Period for Non-Obamacare Plans

obThe Obama administration will let people with health insurance plans that don’t comply with Affordable Care Act standards keep them through October 2017 if their states allow it, officials said Wednesday in announcing a series of final Obamacare rules.

The administration also extended Obamacare’s open enrollment Continue reading

You Won’t Believe this Hidden Cause of Restless Leg Syndrome

rlDo you suffer from restless legs syndrome? Researchers have puzzled over the cause of this curious condition for decades with little explanation for why some people simply can’t keep still at night.

According to past studies, possible causes for RLS include: Continue reading

Which Parts of America Are the most Contaminated with Arsenic?

usaHeavy metal poisoning is becoming a very serious issue in America today, as toxins in groundwater and soils, some of which have persisted there for decades, are increasingly turning up in both drinking water and the general food supply. All across the country, residues of arsenic, lead and other heavy metals have been detected in well water, crop soils and even foods marketed Continue reading

Why Ginger Is a Diabetic’s Best Friend

ginger_diabetes_healthyWith the prevalence of type 2 diabetes expanding rapidly on a global scale, and an estimated 366 million expected to be diagnosed with the condition by 2030, ginger’s potential to alleviate suffering is truly amazing. It is safe, affordable, accessible and, according to a growing body of Continue reading