City Schools to Offer Health Care Services Workshop

lebanonA workshop is set to allow parents to tour and learn about the Telemedicine Clinic available to Lebanon students.

 “Many parents have not yet plugged in to utilize our on-site services,” said Tammy Grow, Lebanon school health coordinator. “Coordinated School Health works with the Lebanon Continue reading

Developmental Care Telemedicine Now Available At Atlantic General

atlanticSpecialized care for children with developmental disorders is now only the push of a button away with telemedicine at Atlantic General Hospital (AGH).

The new program connects patients with developmental care doctors hundreds of miles away Continue reading

How Do Steroidal Hormones Given to Livestock Affect the Humans who Consume Them

cafoDo women get breast cancer more often when their hormones are thrown out of whack? You bet. Are those cases more severe than others? The jury is still out on that one. What about thyroid tumors and ovarian cancer – can those come from eating meat and drinking dairy from cows that are given hormones to make them fatter? Yes, those tumors can come from hormone overload. Continue reading

Pomegranate and Chamomile Help Heal Bleeding Gums

pomegranate_heals_gumsResearchers from Brazil’s Paraíba State University have determined that extracts of pomegranate and chamomile can help heal bleeding gums.

The researchers tested 56 patients who had bleeding gums and gingivitis. They were split into three groups and each rinsed twice daily with an assigned rinse for 15 days. One group rinsed with chamomile extract, another group rinsed with pomegranate extract and a third group rinsed with chlorhexidine.

The patients were tested for bleeding gums at the beginning of the study, Continue reading

Research: A Tsp. of Aloe Daily Reverses Signs of Skin Aging

aloeThere is plenty of research that indicates that the unnaturally accelerated aging process associated with modern living and/or natural environmental exposures such as excessive ultraviolet radiation (photo-aging) can be slowed. In fact, over 150 natural substances have been indexed on aging in the project with Continue reading