Emergency Department HIE Use Cut Admission Odds by 30%

hieHealth information exchange usage in emergency departments could reduce ED admissions and increase hospital savings, according to a recent study by Weill Cornell Medical College, Clinical Innovation & Technology reports (Pedulli, Clinical Innovation & Technology, 3/13). Continue reading

Group Calls on CMS To Expand Remote Monitoring in Medicare

remoteOn Friday, the Telecommunications Industry Association sent a letter to CMS Administrator Marilyn Tavenner urging the agency to include remote monitoring services as a mandatory supplemental benefit for Continue reading

‘Don’t Worry, Future Mum’: People with Down Syndrome Send Tear-Jerking Message of Hope to worried Mother Expecting a Baby with the Condition

don't beAll expectant parents hope their unborn baby will grow up to become a happy and healthy person.

So, if they are suddenly told their child will have a disability, they often experience a huge amount Continue reading

Top Chlorella Brands Confirmed to Capture Dietary Mercury, Uranium and Aluminum: Another laboratory breakthrough by the Health Ranger

chlorellaIf you take chlorella, I’ve got great news for you today: I’ve just completed research across nearly a dozen chlorella brands and manufacturers, and I’ve conclusively documented the fact that they all bind with and capture dietary mercury with very high efficiency. They also show strong affinity for binding with aluminum and uranium, as is detailed below.

At the same time, Continue reading