Bedside Monitoring Device Reduces Hospital Stays, Study Finds

monitThe use of a bedside device that continuously monitors patients’ vital signs leads to shorter stays in hospitals and intensive care units, according to a studypublished in the American Journal of Medicine, FierceHealthIT reports (Bowman, FierceHealthIT, 3/25). Continue reading

Hospitals Plot the End of Insurance Companies

stockThe problems with the implementation of the Affordable Care Act may be masking another major change in the way health care is delivered to U.S. consumers, experts believe.

At The Atlantic’s Health Care Forum in Washington Continue reading

Secretion Secrets: Things You Didn’t Know About Earwax

earwaxStory at-a-glance 

Earwax is a self-cleaning agent for your ears where it helps slow the growth of bacteria and prevent dirt from entering your ear

Unless you have an earwax blockage, you should leave your earwax alone; it will naturally migrate out of your ear Continue reading

Regular and Decaf Coffee Both Lower Diabetes Risk

diabetes_coffee_reduces_riskLots of studies have looked at the question of whether coffee drinkers are less likely to develop diabetes.  The short answer is yes they are. 

But the question remains, why does coffee seem to lower diabetes risk?  Is it the caffeine? 

Researchers from Harvard Continue reading