Study Shows Wikipedia Rx Drug Pages Often Outdated, Inaccurate

rxWikipedia entries about prescription drugs often are incorrect or not up-to-date, according to a study outlined in a New England Journal of Medicine Perspective, HealthDay reports.

Details of Study

For the study, Continue reading

Large Health Care Organizations Could Be Leaking Patient Data

leakMany large health care organizations are not properly protecting patient data and might be leaving systems and equipment susceptible to Internet hackers, according to case studies conducted by two independent researchers, Wired reports.

The researchers — Scott Erven, head of information security for Essentia Health, and Shawn Merdinger, an independent consultant — presented their findings this week at the Shakacon conference. Continue reading

Yogurt Buyers Beware: ‘All Natural’ Yogurt Products Found to Contain Aspartame and Artificial Colors

nyIf you’re buying so-called “All Natural” yogurt sold at the grocery store, you might assume the phrase means the product contains nothing artificial or synthetic. After all, that’s the definition of “all natural.” But food marketing companies can get pretty sneaky about using the term. They know the FDA doesn’t regulate “all natural” claims, Continue reading

Revised NFL Concussion Suit Settlement Uncaps Funds for Injured Players

nflThe National Football League and lawyers representing former players who sued the league after suffering concussions during their careers announced a revised settlement offer Wednesday, several months after a federal judge rejected preliminary approval of a $765 million settlement. Continue reading

Alaska Law Defines Rates for Out-of-State Workers Comp Medical Services

AlaskaAlaska Gov. Sean Parnell has signed a bill into law that defines rates for workers compensation treatments or services performed out of state so they’re not billed at Alaska’s higher rates, along with establishing a 180-day billing timeline.

Sponsored by the House Labor and Commerce Committee, Continue reading

The Paleo Diet—Is It Right for You?

paleo22Story at-a-glance 

Humans today suffer more chronic and debilitating diseases than ever before. And there can be little doubt that our food choices play a major role Continue reading

70,000 Food Additives Approved by the FDA – What you don’t Know Will Hurt You

addiThere are over 70,000 food additives approved by the FDA, from artificial ingredients to genetically modified ones, and from “all natural” to GRAS — generally recognized as safe. Cosmetics and personal care products are even worse, with virtually no regulations on chemicals, and your skin absorbs whatever you put on it, and it ends up in the bloodstream, so add that to the 70,000 other food “criminals.” Continue reading

Vaccine Researcher Charged with Felony Crimes for Research Fraud; May Spend 20 Years in Prison over Faked AIDS Vaccine

polScientific fraud is so common in the vaccine industry, it’s practically the default business model. The truth is that most vaccines don’t work, so in order to make them appear to work, researchers routinely spike blood samples of vaccinated test subjects with antibodies, making it appear the vaccine caused the body to produce those antibodies. Continue reading

California Pilot Program Leverages EHRs To Coordinate Care for Foster Children

fcA partnership of private organizations and public agencies launched a pilot project last week in Ventura County, Calif., aimed at improving social and health care coordination for children in foster care.

Spurred by federal initiatives supporting expanded use of health IT, the project — called Ventura County Foster Health Link Continue reading

Be Careful: Your Garden Hose Might Be Contaminating Your Food

hose2Story at-a-glance 

Garden hoses are not intended for drinking water, so there are no regulations about what kinds of chemicals can be in them

One-third of the hoses tested contained high levels of one or more chemicals of concern, Continue reading

Weight Loss Supplements—Are They Worth the Cost and Potential Risks?

dietStory at-a-glance 

Weight loss pills are a nod to the pharmaceutical Band-Aid mentality, and actually run counter to the idea of a healthy lifestyle. This is why I stopped selling weight loss supplements, and it’s why I encourage Continue reading

FDA Does Not Plan To Regulate Medical Device Data Systems

12345On Friday, FDA issued draft guidance saying that it considers medical device data systems to be safe and does not intend to regulate such tools, FierceHealthITreports (Bowman, FierceHealthIT, 6/20).

The draft guidance marks a shift in FDA policy, Continue reading

Johns Hopkins Medicine Testing Checklist App for Hospitals

jhhBackground on Checklists

Medical expert Atul Gawande helped popularize the concept of a patient safety checklist with his 2009 book The Checklist Manifesto. The original concept was first applied to surgery to ensure that the operating team properly went through all safety steps before, during and after surgery. Continue reading

7 Simple Ways to Unclog Your Arteries Naturally

bloodmoonWe all want to live a long life, but did you know eating these simple foods has been proven scientifically to prevent and in some cases reverse the #1 cause of death in the modern world?

Statistically, atherosclerosis (the progressive clogging of the arteries) is the #1 killer on the planet.  A complex process, involving autoimmunity, infection, dietary incompatibilities, and many known and Continue reading

4 Reasons Dental Problems Are Causing Illness in your Body

1234Teeth have been treated as tools rather than a living part of our physiology. They have been pulled, drilled, and filled, and as a result, significant damage has been inflicted to the rest of the body. This is why it’s vitally important to understand the four reasons dental problems are causing Continue reading