Verizon Unveils New ‘Virtual Visit’ Mobile Health Program

verizonOn Wednesday, Verizon introduced its Virtual Visits platform, a mobile health program that will allow users to communicate with health care providers for routine services, such as filling a prescription, Modern Healthcare reports (Tahir, Modern Healthcare, 6/25).

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Study: Most U.S. Hospitals Not Participating in Health Data Exchanges

hdeThe majority of hospitals in the U.S. do not participate in health information exchanges, and there is substantial variation in participation rates among states, according to a new study published in Healthcare: The Journal of Delivery Science and Innovation, Health Data Management reports.

Details of Study

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Ginger’s Many Evidence-Based Health Benefits Revealed

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Ginger has broad-spectrum antibacterial, antiviral, antioxidant, and anti-parasitic properties, to name just several of its more than 40 pharmacological actions

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A Radically New Understanding of Alzheimer’s Disease Causes and Cures

brain22Alzheimer’s disease is expanding unchecked throughout the modern world, despite billions spent annually on pharmaceutical interventions. Could the calcification of the brain play a role?

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The Surprising Leading Contributor to Pollution: Agriculture

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The modern agricultural system is responsible for putting more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than the actual burning of fossil fuels

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