Online Medical Clinic Virtuwell Now Available in Virginia

clinicInternet users in Virginia afflicted with the flu — or about 50 other common ailments — can now get drug prescriptions online, thanks to a new service.

Broadband Project Benefiting Hospitals Is Underway

    broadA crew works installing a new fiber optic line in Esmeralda County last month, part of a grant-funded broadband infrastructure to link rural hospitals and provide them with high-speed connectivity for telemedicine and other uses.(Photo: Submitted photo)
          South Lyon Medical Center and other rural hospitals will have the opportunity Continue reading

Several Herbs Found to be as Effective as Prescription Mouthwash

mouthWhy wash your mouth with chemicals, when natural, time-tested herbal remedies have been proven to work at least as well? 

According to the American Academy of Periodontology [1], “one in every two adults age 30 and older is suffering from periodontal disease, Continue reading

How to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes, Why Insulin May Actually Accelerate Death, and Other Ignored Facts

diaStory at-a-glance 

In the US, about 80 million, or one in four, has some form of diabetes or pre-diabetes

Even worse, more than one-third of British adults are now pre-diabetic. In 2003, 11.6 percent of Britons had pre-diabetes. Continue reading

How to prepare yourself for the collapse of the age of human delusion (and the arrival of human spiritual awakening)

mindThe age of human delusion is rapidly coming to an end. A civilization that has deluded itself into believing so many of its own lies on pivotal issues — agriculture, fossil fuels, economics, finance, water supply, food, pharmaceuticals and more — sooner or later runs headfirst into reality. All the theatrics of the era fade into history as the day of reckoning arrives, Continue reading