Why your Boss Wants You to See Online Doctors

throughLindsay Molina had a lot to do before the holidays last December when she found herself coming down with an infection.

  “I just needed to see a doctor and get what I needed to get taken care of so I could move on with my life,” said the busy mom who works at Marvell Technology in Santa Clara, California. Continue reading

How Telemedicine Can Be a Healthcare Innovation Like No Other

thOver-population has caused many problems all over the world. However, any discussion on the increasing numbers often drifts towards how there aren’t enough resources in the world for sustenance of all people. While that is a valid concern, from a healthcare perspective it is a little frustrating to see that not many are talking about how there aren’t enough Continue reading

Ovarian Cancer: What We Think We Know May Harm Us

ovarian_cancer_harms_diagnosisWhat do we really know about ovarian cancer risk and the ‘gene mutations’ considered largely responsible for increasing it? The answer is quite surprising and opens up the possibility for a radical change in how we diagnosis and treat the most lethal gynecological cancer in existence.  Continue reading

Premier Government Body of Science and Medicine Turning Into Yet Another Agency for Corporate Science

badStory at-a-glance 

Conflicts of interests at Institute of Medicine (IOM) may have coaxed the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to approve a new narcotic painkiller, Zohydro

When FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg was criticized for the agency’s approval of Zohydro, she countered saying that “100 million Americans” Continue reading

Top 10 Destructive Nutrition Lies Ever Told

nut2Story at-a-glance 

This article reviews my top 10 list of the most widespread, destructive lies typically told by mainstream nutritionists, despite being refuted by science

Millions of people have suffered needless pain and suffering, and premature death, by following commonly recommended low-fat, Continue reading