Congress Could Revive Health Coverage Tax Credit

A year and a half after Congress let a federal law expire that provided rich federal health insurance premium subsidies to workers who lost their jobs due to foreign competition or were enrolled in pension plans that failed, lawmakers are moving to renew the tax break.

Last week as part of a Continue reading

Planned Out-of-Pocket Caps for Health Care Could Cost Employers

New federal health care reform law regulatory guidance ends lingering uncertainty on how much in out-of-pocket costs employers with high-deductible plans can require employees to pick up. Continue reading

The Mind-Altering Effects of Chocolate

Need to do something important this afternoon?  Don’t take any chances – eat chocolate first.

According to researchers from Northern Arizona University, brain scans show dark chocolate boosts attention and alertness so you perform better. Continue reading

Vitamins That Reduce Your Risk of Skin Cancer

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Vitamin B3 (nicotinamide) may offer protection for those who are prone to certain skin cancers. Patients with squamous cell or basal cell carcinoma who took B3 were 23 percent less likely to have another Continue reading

Mediterranean Diet Linked to Healthier Brain

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In a recent study, people eating a low-fat diet had a significant decrease in memory and cognitive function over the course of four years Continue reading

Mobile Device Developers Incorporate Health Applications

The day may come soon when your smartphone or smart-watch will become similar to a nagging spouse, telling you what diet or exercise regime you should follow. Imagine walking into a grocery store and heading for the frozen section. Before you reach for that ice cream, your mobile device may Continue reading

Curbing Medical Errors with the Cloud

Medical errors. The term is frightful to everyone involved in healthcare: not just the patients, but the doctors, staff, and administrators as well. A July 2014 Senate hearing on patient safety revealed that medical errors were the third most prominent cause of death in the United States, Continue reading

Germs Help the Body Produce Vitamin C

Groundbreaking new research indicates that humans are capable of synthesizing vitamin C via their highly complex and capable microbiome.

We live in a time and age where decades old assumptions about the human body are being overturned on a surprisingly regular basis. Continue reading

Monsanto Bids to Take Over Syngenta—A Move to Assure a Pesticide-Saturated Future?

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Monsanto recently made a bid to take over Syngenta, the world’s largest pesticide producer. The $45.1 billion bid was rejected, but there’s still a chance for a merger

By trying to acquire Syngenta, Continue reading

Increasing Cosmic Rays

Driving Force in Climate Changes, Volcanos and Earthquakes

Back in 1996 Danish physicists suggested that cosmic rays, energetic particles from space, are important in the formation of clouds. Since then, experiments in Copenhagen and elsewhere have demonstrated that Continue reading

Mobile Health Technology Helps Tackle Epilepsy in Bhutan

An infant wears a cap with a headset that enables a smartphone to make a diagnosis.

In the deep, remote valleys of the Kingdom of Bhutan, a small country in South Asia bordered by China to the north, a boy slips on a plastic headset that looks like a shower cap. Continue reading

Telemedicine: Offering Medical Services to All – Hispanics in STEM

By Carmen Cornejo: Hispanic Outreach Coordinator; Principal: Critical Mass Communications, LLC.

Imagine a sick child who lives in a small, remote village in Mexico, away from the specialized medical team that may be able to diagnose and treat a heart problem. Continue reading

Police State Government to Start Surveilling Your Poop in Real Time for Illicit Drug Use…

RFID tag readers in toilets will upload urine composition to the feds

The runaway surveillance state in America has just taken a leap into the gutter. Or the sewer, actually, where government goons running their fraudulent “war on drugs” have begun to monitor Continue reading

Millions Exposed by Latest Health Insurer Hack

CareFirst chief executive Chet Burrell has apologised for the breach

A US health insurer has admitted it has been hacked and the data of 1.1 million of its customers exposed. Continue reading

Telemedicine Under Attack As Abortion Rights Supporters Seek More Options For Women

In this Sept. 22, 2010 photo, a doctor, foreground, in Des Moines, Iowa, and a nurse in a clinic in another city, demonstrate a telemedicine program with which Planned Parenthood of the Heartland clinic doctors can remotely prescribe the abortion-inducing drug RU-486. Continue reading