Industry Leaders Push for Self-Regulation in Mobile Health Sector

On Thursday, several industry executives testified before a House committee to discuss Internet-connected devices, as well as mobile health tools and health care connectivity, MobiHealthNews reports. Continue reading

Coconut Oil May Reduce White Rice Calories 50-60%

White rice is far from a health food, the excessive consumption of which contributes to overweight, obesity and blood sugar disorders, but new research indicates adding coconut oil while cooking it can dramatically alter its nutritional structure and function. Continue reading

California Legislators Who Passed SB 277 to Force Vaccines on Children Now Want to Do the Same for Adults with SB 792

Now that nearly all school-age children in California have been summoned into the state’s growing medical dictatorship through Senate Bill 277, corrupt politicians are now trying to pass a companion bill that would force adults to be vaccinated in accordance with Continue reading

Cultivate Sexual Energy to Increase Health and Longevity

It’s been known since ancient times, especially in many Eastern medical and martial circles, that sexual energy is the most powerful energy in the body and can be used to achieve increased health, energy, strength, healing, longevity and enlightenment. Continue reading

U.S. Health Care Spending Hit $3.1 Trillion in 2014

Health care expenditures surged in 2014, fueled by expanded coverage and soaring prescription drug costs, according to government research released Tuesday.

In 2014, total U.S. health care spending hit $3.080 trillion, up from $2.919 trillion in 2013, according to statistics compiled by researchers at the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and Continue reading

Telemedicine Can Widen Access to Depression Therapy for Seniors

Talk therapy delivered by two-way video call helped older veterans with depression as much as in-person therapy sessions, a U.S. study found. Continue reading

Paleolithic Toothache: in 14,000-Year-Old Tooth of Young Man

Paleolithic Toothache: Oldest Dentistry Revealed in 14,000-Year-Old Tooth of Young Man

Researchers are undoubtedly smiling over a 14,000-years-old tooth that has revealed the oldest known dentistry techniques, dating back to Continue reading

The Hidden Weed Killer in Your BREAD: Commercial Wheat Doused With Cancer-Causing Glyphosate Herbicide Right Before Harvest… and You’re Eating It!

Now that the World Health Organization has publicly condemned glyphosate herbicide as “probably carcinogenic to humans,” awareness of this insidious chemical’s contamination of the human food supply is suddenly exploding among Continue reading

Newsweek and Washington Post Attempt to Cover Up Murders and Organ Harvesting by Planned Parenthood

Two major media outlets have been caught scrubbing the details of the recent Planned Parenthood scandal involving aborted human babies being “harvested” for their vital organs. Undercover video footage exposes Deborah Nucatola, Planned Parenthood’s senior director of medical research, Continue reading

California Drought: A Surprising Cause?

It’s time to consider the possibility that industrial farming with its focus on chemicals such as glyphosate and glufosinate have played an important role in creating drought and other severe weather patterns.

The term microbiome can be misleading because it conjures images of things so small Continue reading

Here Come the Wearables That Want to Save Your Life

Rejoice, asthmatics, paranoiacs and even the merely sun-conscious! Soon there may be a wearable just for you. Continue reading

Raw Sauerkraut Recipe

One way of optimizing the bacteria in your gut is by adding fermented foods to your wholesome diet. Continue reading

How to Quickly and Easily Optimize Your Garden’s Growth Potential

Story at-a-glance −

Without minerals in the soil, metabolic enzymatic processes cannot occur. This is why when minerals are added back to the soil you see huge increases in plant growth

You can remineralize the soil simply by adding rock dust. Different rock provides different spreads of minerals. Granite contains a lot of potassium. Glacial gravels have Continue reading

In the 1960s, Scientists Knew Chemo only Helped with Short-Term Remission of Most Cancer


Learn how diluted NAZI NERVE GAS eventually became the chemotherapy of today

Over 100 chemotherapy drugs used in America today came from toxic nerve gas used Continue reading

Bill Frist: Federal, State Changes Needed to Advance Telemedicine

Telemedicine offers the potential to address the access, cost and quality problems in the U.S. healthcare system, but requires change at the federal and state levels to do so, according to a Health Affairs blog post.

In the post, Former Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, a surgeon from Tennessee who also has joined Continue reading