Nonprofit Hospitals Becoming Health Insurers

11Nonprofit hospital systems are expected to become more prevalent in the commercial health insurance industry in the next several years, according to Moody’s Investors Service Inc.

Several large and medium-size nonprofit hospital groups have launched or acquired commercial health insurance plans in recent years in response to Continue reading

What Is the Natural Allopathic Protocol Useful For?

whatThe answer to that question is just about everything! Composed of innovative and sophisticated therapies, each component is evidence-based integrative medicine, sourced from some of the finest physicians from around the world. What is so different about Natural Allopathic Medicine? Continue reading

Thyroid Cancer Epidemic Caused by Misinformation, Not Cancer

thyroid_cancerDid you know the vast majority of thyroid cancer diagnoses are FALSE? And yet, the vast majority go ahead and get ‘treated’ anyway, with total removal of the gland, radiation and life long hormone replacement.

Any diagnosis of cancer can be highly traumatic. Continue reading

7 Reasons Your Thyroid Medication Isn’t Working

thyroid_medeication_greenmedinfoWhile there is no “magic pill” for thyroid disease, some factors may influence the effectiveness of your thyroid medication.

When you are first diagnosed with a thyroid condition, a prescription for medication becomes much like Continue reading

Patient Engagement Lessons from Africa (and why American Healthcare Should Listen)

gabonI was raised in Gabon on the equatorial west coast of Africa, and though I’ve never practiced there, I consider myself African and continue to be interested in the delivery of healthcare on the continent.

Though health resources are scarce, my colleagues there have made creative use of the tools available. In Gabon, and indeed across much of the rest of Africa, Continue reading

Majority of Fast Food Restaurants Get Fail Rating in Antibiotics Meat Report

 cpStory at-a-glance −

Chipotle’s and Panera Bread were the only fast food chains that earned “A” ratings; they are the only two that transparently affirm the majority of the meats served Continue reading

10 Health Benefits Of Eating Romaine Lettuce

rlRomaine Lettuce is such an important Super Food that a Greek island is named after it. Romaine lettuce is a delicious and crispy leafy green. In the United States, it’s primarily grown in California, making romaine lettuce widely available in the country throughout the year.  Continue reading

11 Natural Powerful Antibiotics Hiding In Your Kitchen

ooAntibiotics are medicine used to treat and prevent bacterial infections. They are the most over-prescribed medicines today. This is dangerous because too much use of antibiotics leads to antibiotic resistance. Nature is full of natural antibiotics as well, including herbal remedies, Continue reading

Repealing Health Reform Law Individual Mandate Could Save Govt. Billions: CBO

DDDRepealing a provision in the health care reform law that imposes financial penalties on individuals who don’t enroll in a health insurance plan would save the federal government tens of billions of dollars each year, according to a new congressional analysis.

Under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, Continue reading

Group Health Premiums Inch Up while Deductibles Jump

sss2Group health insurance premiums continue to rise modestly, according to a survey released Tuesday by the Kaiser Family Foundation and the Health Research & Educational Trust.

The survey of nearly 2,000 employers conducted from January through June found that the Continue reading

Resveratrol May Offer Protection Against Alzheimer’s

resStory at-a-glance −

Resveratrol is a potent free radical quenching antioxidant found in a number of plants, including grape skins, red wine, raspberries, mulberries, pomegranate, and raw cacao Continue reading

Pediatrician Begs Whole Foods to Cancel Alt. Doc’s Book Signing

PEDIATRICIAN_WHOLEFOODS_GREENMEDINFO“The Paleo Cardiologist, The Natural Way to Heart Health” author explains why a pediatrician opposed his book signing: “After all, I stand for health, he practices in a world of sickness.” 

When I made comments in January 2015 concerning the health of our children, Continue reading

BioMat Thermotherapy Medicine Overview

website_clip_image001I just came down with a bad cold, flu or more basically put a detox of my body’s accumulation of poisons. I knew it was going to happen on Monday the first moment I took a sip of water from my new high pH gravity fed/low cost water filter system

My feelings were confirmed just an hour later when my entire water physiology changed, and that was reflected in my urine which itself was reflecting a leap to full hydration, Continue reading

Specialists Offer Care through Telemedicine

specccWith a quick keyboard stroke, several Southern Illinois hospitals, including Harrisburg Medical Center, have access to neurology specialists for stroke victims.

Southern Illinois Telemedicine Initiative connects Continue reading